Aries soluzioni naturali : cosmetics for cats and dogs

Aries is a brand of cosmetic products for dogs and cats, which we have been using for years now, and we are well aware of their value and results on our and your four-legged friends. The raw materials used are all Italian and from organic farming; they do not contain SLES, EDTA, PARABENES, and are guaranteed CRUELTY FREE. High quality products, designed for all types of hair and skin, which offer excellent results that last over time, and most importantly, they are naturally based and not tested on animals. Les Chiens du Château is an authorized dealers for Aries products here in Portugal. If you are interested in purchasing or simply having information on Aries products, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page or by calling the number that appears at the top right inside of this page.

                Before and after using Aries products.        

Pomeranian with a brittle, dry coat and a major regrowth problems.


Yorkshire Terrier with a dry coat and full of knots.