The Benefits

Canine massage allows for:

  • activate and improve blood and lymph floow
  • relieving muscle and joint pain
  • relaxing and de-stressing the animal in order to relieve his physical and psychological tensions. Dogs being like a sponge, they absorbs all the stress of theirs masters.
  • assisting in mobility problems like osteoarthritis, dysplasia and many others
  • prepararing before competition and relief after it
  • helping in recovering during convalescence following illness or surgery
  • relief during the aging period, or after giving birth


What are its benefits?

As for humans, the canine massage has an action both on the physical and on the emotional, the nervous, the circulatory and muscular system. Here are some of the positive effects:

  • it strengthens flexibility, increases movement capabilities and improves muscle tone
  • it relieves pain by promoting the production of endorphins : a natural hormone
  • it strengthens the immune system in order to better fight infections
  • it improves tissue oxygenation and helps drain toxins
  • it soothes tension and relieves stress
  • it speeds up recovery from illness or surgery
  • it keeps the skin and coat in good health
  • it helps digestion
  • it allows the dog to become aware of the contours of his body

What types of dogs can be massaged?

All dogs can be receptive to a massage, which should be a stress free experiance for the animal. Each individual reacts in a different way and some will accept massages more quickly than others.

Depending on its mood or its pains, the animal may refuse the massage or end it more quickly than expected. In this case, it will be necessary to be patient and perhaps take several tries in order to promote a relationship of trust between the animal and the massage practitionner.

The massage is particularly suitable for dogs with mobility problems, stressed or fearful dogs, dogs doing little exercise, senior dogs, or dogs recovering from surgery, females after birth and working or sporting dogs.