The canine massage

The Canine Massage is neither a caress nor a hug.

It is a serious discipline that brings together various manual techniques aimed at improving the well-being of the dog and helping him to stay in shape.

The Canine massage must be performed by a professional, the Canine Massage Practitionner, who masters these different and gentle techniques which he has learned and studied.


What role does he have?

The Canine Massage relieves, soothes and allows physical and emotional rebalancing by limiting tensions and stiffness that are linked to stress, intense sports activity, illness, surgery or any other disturbing event such as abandonment , moving…

It is an excellent complement to veterinary and osteopathic care, and, like feeding and grooming, is an integral part of canine well-being.

The Canine Massage does not replace veterinary and osteopathic care in any way; but it complements them.

How does it works?

The different touches and movements that make up the massage are carried out in certain places of the dog’s body, in a certain sense of motion, with a pressure adapted to each individual and according to a precise protocol.

But beware, in same cases the canine massage may be inadvisable and veterinary advice should be sought, such as the presence of fever, open wounds, serious nervous diseases, heart disease….