Ozone bath

Ozone baths for dogs: an innovative service that offers beneficial effects on skin, hair, muscles and the circulatory system.

These treatments are natural, safe and effective with an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiparasitic and relaxing effect.

They are also an excellent adjuvant to veterinary care in case of skin irritation, mycosis, seborrhoea, redness, itching, dandruff, parasites and other skin problems.

Ozone: what is it ?

The ozone is a gas that, in nature, is formed in the atmosphere thanks to electrical discharges that modify the stable molecular structure of oxygen (O2), transforming it into O3 (ozone). The ozone molecule is therefore made up of three oxygen atoms and is unstable. In fact, one of the three atoms tends to separate easily to join other molecular structures, returning the oxygen molecule (O2) to its stable form. This is why in contact with water, the ozone is able to release a large amount of oxygen and it’s the oxygen, which then acts positively on the skin, muscles, circulation, etc. With its antibacterial power, the ozone is very effective in combating bad odors and for thoroughly but gently cleaning very dirty coats, restoring shine and softness so as to reduce the formation of knots.

Ozone in grooming

The application of ozone during grooming is aimed solely and exclusively at the psychological and physical well-being of the dog. It is in no way to be considered as a curative or a substitute therapy for veterinary care. During grooming, ozone is applied in the form of a shower with ozonated water. The shower in addition to washing and disinfecting the coat and skin of your four-legged friend, accelerates the tissue regeneration processes, strengthens the cellular protection systems, stimulates and oxygenates the blood, tonify the muscles, reduces nervous tension and has a relaxing effect.