Grooming is more than just a shampoo.

Thinking that grooming a dog simply means giving it a bath is very simplistic and not entirely correct. Grooming brings together a set of treatments, ranging from washing and brushing the coat, cutting the hair, doing the hygiene of private parts, to ozone baths. The dog must be groomed not only for reasons of pure aesthetics, but it must be groomed above all for health reasons: it does him good, keeps him healthy and protects him from the risks of infections or parasites. The frequency and the way in which the grooming is done depends a lot on the breed and therefore on the type of coat of your dog. The longer and thicker the coat, the more it will need frequent care; but generally, a grooming every 30-40 days is a good compromise.

Do dogs like being groomed, or do they experience it as a traumatic event ?

These are questions that everyone asks themselves, especially at the time of the first grooming. The answer is: no, grooming is not traumatic for the dog. None of the treatments that are done during grooming, if well done, cause pain to the dog, not even stripping. What most disturbs the dog, however, is being tossed between one treatment and another without having time to relax a bit. That’s why the time component becomes one of the primordial elements of grooming. Giving the dog time to relax  with a cuddle or a moment of play between a bath and a haircut, will make the grooming experience a most pleasent one. It is therefore extremely important to bring the puppy to the grooming as soon as possible in order to get him used to this environment.

The cut: a technique for every need.

The main techniques are 3: clipping, scissor cutting and stripping. Each gives a different result and the choice of one over the other depends on the breed of the dog, the type of coat and its lifestyle. The most particular technique is undoubtedly that of the stripping, which involves the removal of dead hair through a repeated mechanical action and is applied only to hard wiry coats. The practice of stripping requires considerable experience on the part of the groomer.

Our bath treatment includes: 2 shampoos + 1 conditioner with Aries products, drying and brushing.

Our complete grooming treatment includes: 2 shampoos + 1 conditioner with Aries products, drying and brushing, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, haircutting.